Photography by Rich Cullen
Naperville IL 60563

Photography has been my hobby for more years than I would like to admit.  In the 70s I had a home studio and darkroom and created portraits the hard way, in the dark with wet chemistry.  For someone who has spent hours late at night adjusting color filter packs in the enlarger, Photoshop is just miraculous. 

My work involves computers and in the late 90s I ventured into digital photography.  Almost all of my work has been digital for the last twenty years.  My galleries include images that capture family and friends and images that have been used for professional Web sites.

I like to work outside, weather permitting, but I also have a well equipped studio in my Naperville home.

In addition to artistic work, I do some commercial photography for my client's advertising and Web needs.  This work has ranged from executive portraits to building, site and product photography.  The advantage that I bring to my clients is my knowledge of computer applications and of preparing images for the Web.

Please take a look at the photos in my galleries:

Commercial work


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